The Day After Tomorrow was actually the Day Before Yesterday.

Thats when I saw the movie about not quite the end of the world coming about in the midst of softball size hail, tornado’s in California (too many commies anyways), and massive, continent covering snow storms.

I found some of the scenes in the movie highly improbably, however, not the scenes you may think.  For example, there was a scene where the border between Mexico and the United States was closed for a time.  These borders were only opened after negotiations between the United States and Mexico that “forgave” all foreign debt (kudos to Bono for getting that in.. I wasn’t aware he was a script writer).

Texas contains the highest concentration of military facilities in the United States.  Fort Hood in central Texas being home to the III Army Corps, which is comprised of several divisions.  I’m sorry, negotiations just would not have taken place in that amount of time.  So, with that amount of military availability in close proximity, a military solution would have been used and Mexico would have become the 51st state.

A military exists to force the political will of one nation upon that of another.  Right or wrong, this is the simple reality we have faced since man made his first steps on this world.

I suppose the screen writers had to feel good about themselves.  I think that the movie would have been much more plausible if we had simply stormed the “Halls of Montezuma”.