I wanted to clarify my position on Open Source.  I love it, I think its great, I think its a hobby thats had very good results.  Linux is a perfect example of open source that has had great results.  The kernel is not a radical departure from basic OS ideas that were put forth 30 years ago, however, its better than NT.  But truly, Linux  is just a kernel and was simply a hobby for Linus when it began.  Then the marketers got a hold of it and people ported the Hairy Guy’s stuff to it and it became usable and the champion for all that is good in the world.

On the commercial side, you have one company that holds the world hostage with “good enough“ software.  This hostage taking has engedenered a resistance which has fueled the Open Source fires.  The problem is that the OSS fire is burning hot enough that it won’t only consume the “evil“ king,… it will consume itself because no one will want to pay programmers for their hard work any more.  I find it incredibly funny that OSS proponents here in the U.S. are bemoaning the steady stream of jobs overseas.  One reason is that not only are companies facing pressure from the Evil King, they are facing pressure from the OSS community as well.  Of course, my thoughts on this are contained in a yet to be formulated and published blog.

There are two lines of lemmings headed for the same cliff.  One is lead by Richard Stallman, the other is lead by Bill Gates.  Either way, there is a cliff at the end of each line and, in my opinion, everyone will eventually go over the precipice.

Anyone know a bait shop and a trailer for sale?  Someplace in New Zealand or something.  Let me out of this line.