One of the most exciting things to happen in the .NET world in the past half year
has certainly been the release of Developer Express’ CodeRush
for Visual Studio .NET

CodeRush has been the one must-have add-in for Delphi for 5 versions, and as you
hopefully found out by now, the .NET version goes far beyond what us Delphi developers
have used the past 5 years. It’s simply a tool you will not want to miss. In fact,
CodeRush is what is currently tying me to version 2003 of Visual Studio: the latest
2005 preview looks awesome and runs stable as far as i can tell, but working in
it – without CR it’s simply not the same ;-)

To expand upon the powers CoreRush provides, i’ve decided to publish two plugins
i wrote* in the past few months and make those available to the public. One of them
is a next-to-trivial (1 line of code ;-) thing that mimics the Ctrl+Alt+G shortcut
of Delphi (namely, insert a freshly baked GUID at the current cursor location),
the other is a bit more elaborate and something you will hopefully find essential
in your daily work.

The two plugins are available for download at,
and more plugins will be added over time (as i find the time)

The really exciting thing is that the CodeRush Core is completely free, so even
if you install just the trial version, most of the cool features CR provides will
eventually expire, but the core (and my two plugins ;) will continue working!

Let me know if you find these plugins useful, and/or of you have any suggestions.

*thanx are due to Miha Markic who i kept bugging while implementing the Namespace
Adder plugin