I just got yet another “last issue” of the JDJ, which is touted as “The World’s #1 Java Resource”.  This is my third “last issue” since I started mysteriously receiving the magazine last year, despite never having renewed the subscription or even subscribing to it in the first place. Of course, subscription is free so I’m not complaining — it seems like a decent magazine.

I’ve had similar issues (no pun intended) with other companies that were “#1” or otherwise huge. AT&T, Comcast, BellSouth, and SunTrust Bank all come to mind immediately (based on experience) as having obvious organizational problems when it comes to managing customer information. The last time I called Comcast, for example, they said I didn’t have an account with them – I wonder who was sending me bills (complete with account number) and providing internet access for me all those years then? I’m sure you have your short-list of difficult companies too.

Why is this? What would happen if they were to “get it right” and actually be able to manage customer relations for once? How much time for both the company and the customer would be saved?

I just don’t get it.