Just so that you’re the first to know (with the official announcement being finalized as we speak), updated versions of our for Delphi products are available now to support the new Borland Developer Studio 2006.

These new versions of RemObjects SDK, Data Abstract and Hydra, build .419, are available both as trial versions (here, here and here) and as full versions for licensed users, on the My RemObjects page we introduced in november.

The changes needed for BDS2006 support were pretty straight-forward, mostly consisting of renaming and updating the package source files and updating the installers. Some code changes were required (as one has almost come to expect) for Indy, and these might be relevant for end-users as well:

Just like 2005, the new Delphi comes with a choice of Indy 9 or Indy 10, and we provide support for both – in code using the usual defines in RemObjects.inc, but also in the installer by letting you chose which version of the RemObjects_Indy package to preinstall for you.

However, it seems the version of Indy 10 that comes with 2006 is significantly different then the version that came with 2005, requiring many changes. Classes (such as TIdStreamVCL, apparently introduced in the original v10 vor .NET compatiblity) have been removed again, requiring new code that looks like a mixture of Indy 9 and the old Indy10; also, the ancestry has changed for some classes (such as that TIdHttpClient no longer descends from IdTcpClient), which also affected some handling of these classes that depended on the ancestry.

We have introduced new defines RemObjects_INDY10A and RemObjects_INDY10B to handle the differences.

If you’re a “normal” user of RO, drop your componentsand are happy with it, then all of this should be transparent to you; if you’re working with Indy directly or are doing “less mainstream” things with RO, these things might come to bite you, too, as you love to Delphi 2006, so watch out.

Anyways, get your download engines ready and enjoy RO3 & Co in Delphi 2006. In the meantime, we’ll get back to work on version 4.0… ;)