As somewhat of a first, i finished two books tonight: The Codex and Little Green Men. I had originally started Little Green Men on the flight to Philadelphia last Saturday, when on the way back Carlo picked up a copy of The Codex at the airport book store (he’s into these “adventure” style books which i usually don’t find myself reading ;). I read a couple of pages anyway, and suffice to say i had to withhold it from him so i could continue reading thruout those (small) portions of the flight i didn’t sleep thru, and finally finish it tonight. Don’t worry Carlo, i’ll amazon you a new copy, asap .

While not classifiable as great art or ground-breaking, i’d certainly consider The Codex a good and entertaining no-brainer read.

Little Green Men, on the other hand, had been high on my reading list ever since a year or so ago i finished Christopher Buckley’s excellent Thank You for Smoking (which is now coming out as a major motion picture with Aaron Eckhard, William H. Macy and other big names – something to look forward to). Buckley does seem to have a knack for making unlikable characters lovable, and i’d recommend Little Green Men to anyone who vaguely enjoys the genre of comedy and satire.

Having these two finished, next on my list is Max(x) Barry’s long awaited third novel Company, which conveniently arrived two days ago. If it’s anything like his previous two (of which Syrup is on my all-times favorites list), it will be hard to put down…