It’s been a long time in the coming, but as one of the first benefits of the internal restructring here at RemObjects Software that i mentioned in my December 18 blog, we have today published and announced our new ROadmap for 2006.

While it may not be as pretty and colorful as the old one we started two years ago (long before most other companies, from small component vendors to large companies such as Microsoft or Borland adopted the practice of providing such a view into the future), i believe our new ROadmap provides a level of detail that has not been precedented, giving you, our current and future customers, a very detailed overview of what to expect from us at RemObjects over the next 12+ months.

First of all, the ROadmap shows that we have an incremental release plan for the version 4.0 ROFX products, which started with DA4/.NET last December, will provide RO4/Delphi on March 18 and finally bring the entire set of products to version 4 with DA4/Delphi and RO4/.NET on April 29.

After that, regular and synchronized update releases of all the version 4 products are scheduled thruout the year, which will add additional features and enhancements, in edition to regular bug fixes.

Also coming up in the second half of the year are Hydra 3.0 (for both Delphi and .NET), for which we have quite some exciting features planned, as well as the much anticipated application server infrastructure for RO, code-namd “Wolpertinger”.

On the Chrome side, incremetal updates to Chrome 1.5 are planned thruout 2006, providing both enhancements and fixes as well as new features, while at the same time R&D is going on for the next major milestone with Chrome 2.0 (code-named “Joyride”), currently scheduled to be released in the Orcas timeframe in 2007.

To sum up, we’re looking ahead at an exciting year here at RemObjects, with lots of cool stuff coming, but also with lots of work to be done.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the ROadmap or the upcoming products.

Take care,