Dear RO users,

i just wanted to take a couple of minutes to say a few (unofficial) words about the recent announcements from Borland in regards to their plans for selling off the IDE division, including Delphi.

A few people have approached me via IM or email (and i’m willing to bet that more are wondering the same), to inquire if and in how far these announcements will have any effect on our plans for the near future and for the published ROadmap.

The answer to this is very simple: they won’t. As stated before, we are fully committed to the Delphi line of products we have outlined in the ROadmap and to the future of these products beyond that what we have announced so far. Here at RemObjects we will continue our work, and these products will be released as planned.

Work on the Delphi v4 products is well under way, and making great process (and we shipped our first milestone – Beta 1 of RemObjects SDK 4.0 for Delphi – a week and a half ago, on time). Both RO4 and DA4 will be released on schedule; future development will continue as planned, beyond the initial v4 releases in the first half of this year.

Rest assured that wherever Delphi will go, whether it stays with Borland or not, and whether this turns out to be a good thing (and i think it may very well do so) or not: we will continue to support it with out products for as long as you, our customers, have demand for it – and i personally hope that this will be a for a long time.

That said, let’s keep out fingers crossed that that everything turns out the way the Delphi team is anticipating, and hope that in the long run we will all reap the benefits in form of strong and stable new Delphi versions for the years to come. Best of luck,

marc hoffman
Chief Architect, .NET
RemObjects Software