Dear Constant Reader,

i am happy to announce that last night we revealed a new section of our website that has been in development over the past month: the RemObjects Developer Center. DevCenter provides a new and combined front-end for all the developer specific information available on our website, from the articles you all have grown accustomed to and love, over FAQs (which will receive a much stronger focus in the future and will be more regularly updated based on interesting support questions we see on the newsgroups and in emails) to a (slowly) increasing number of videos.

The plan is that in time, DevCenter will become your central bug for technical information on Data Abstract, Chrome, Hydra, DebugServer and the SDK.

Please note that the current DevCenter site is Beta, and we are looking for and will appreciate any feedback. Have a better idea for making certain information accessible? Can think of new ways to make the site better or new types of information you’d like to see? Please let us know, either by posting a comment here, or emailing support.

Thanx, and enjoy,

marc hoffman
Chief Architect
RemObjects Software