If you’ve been following my current blog series about new features coming up in ‘Vinci’, you might be interested to hear that we’ve inofficially started the pre-sale for our new Subscription level products, at remobjects.com/shop.

Starting today, if you purchase any edition or RO or DA, you will be buying the “Subscription” version of the product, which not only gives you access to the current 4.0 builds, but will also make sure you receive the new ‘Vinci’ releases, when they ship starting June 30th. Until then, you will also get beta builds to try out – with the current beta already containing stable implementations of many of the cool new features that are coming in ‘Vinci’.

As always, we have attractive upgrade pricing for users of previous versions to upgrade to 5.0 and the new subscription model – and if you purchased RO or DA in the past couple weeks, watch your inbox, as we’ll be upgrading your license to a complementary subscription covering version 5.0.

Ok, so what are you waiting for – head over to remobjects.com/shop and order your copy of Vinci, now.