It looks like i’ve been falling a bit behind with the promised bi-daily blogging about Vinci, this past week… My apologies.

Truth to be told, i’ve been doing so much writing the past seven days, that the blogs just took a back seat. On the plus side, you should start to see the first fruits of our major article revamp on our devcenter, including two completely new articles on DA written by yours truly (DA29 on adding configuring new drivers for DA/.NET and DA30 with a high-level overview of some very exciting enhancements to data retrieval in ‘Vinci’), and several revised and improved ones.

But what you’re seeing is only the tip of the eisberg, lots more is to come, so make sure to visit devcenter regularly, or subscribe to our article RSS feed.

I hope DA30 tides you over with ‘Vinci’ goodies for the past week, and please stay tuned for the next ‘Vinci’ blog post, tomorrow.