‘Tis the time of the year, and just to match up with our .21 release of’ Vinci’ coming up this Saturday, we’ve published an updated version of our ROadmap.

Those of you familiar with the ROadmap will see that we’ve made quite a few changes in what information we’re presenting and how we’re presenting it. In addition to the dates scheduled for the next 12 months of releases (which, i’m proud to say, we now have a 1.5 year history of matching every single time), we’ve started to also provide more technical information about the features planned for upcoming interim builds, as well as the directions we’re researching into for major new versions such as Data Abstract Six and Chrome ‘Oxygène’ (publicly announced here for the first time, now). Of course, as you’ll understand, there’s always a fine line between providing all the information we want to our customers, on the one hand, and revealing too many long term plans to the competition – so you’ll find that information will get more vague as the year stretches out, and

In the ROadmap, we’re also announcing a new SKU for Chrome, called the ‘Future Subscription’ – which basically contains everything users get from a “standard” Chrome purchase, plus beta access to ‘Oxygène’ along the way. Over the past year and a half as we’ve been working on Chrome ‘Joyride’, which will hit gold at the end of July and will be one whopper of a release, we found that a lot of our customers asked to be using the ‘Joyride’ beta instead of the “stable” 1.5 release – the Future Subscription is our way of providing this as an official option.

Check out the new ROadmap now, at remobjects.com?ROadmap