<a href="http://www.sapphiresteel.com/Ruby-In-Chrome">Mixing Ruby and Chrome</a>

Huw Collingbourne, author of bitwise magazine but also Co-Founder of SapphireSteel Software just published an article showing how he integrated a Ruby back-end written in their excellent Ruby In Steel product with a Windows Forms front-end written in Chrome.

I’m not a Ruby guy myself (again and again simply not finding the time to check out what i am sure is a very interesting and promising language) but from what i can tell, SapphireSteel’s Ruby In Steel, which (like Chrome) integrates into Visual Studio 2005, is definitely the way to g0 for Ruby development – and if it works well with Chrome, all the better! ;)

Check out the full story at http://www.sapphiresteel.com/Ruby-In-Chrome.

marc hoffman

marc hoffman

Chief Architect and CEO here at RemObjects Software. Project Manager for Elements and lead developer of Fire, our awesome new development environment for the Mac.

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