I came across a cool writing tool today that i fell instantly in love with – WriteRoom by Jesse Grosjean.

At heart, WriteRoom is a very simplistic text editor for plain and rich text — but herein lies the beauty: rather then cluttering he screen with a plethora of UI and toolbars and options as most modern word processors WriteRoom presents itself with what is almost a step back into the 80’s — but in a good way. WriteRoom comes up as an entirely black screen with just your text and a green blinking block cursor. The idea is — and it works quite nicely, i must say — is that it blocks out all the distractions and allows you to fully concentrate on the writing task at and. No jumping IM icons calling you away and trying to steal your focus, no mail icon in your tray beckoning you to check if an important mail came in (don’t worry, it didn’t).

If you spend any part of your day writing text (and, run a Mac — sorry ;) make sure to check it out, at http://www.hogbaysoftware.com.