Figuring a bit of non-tech content would do this blog some good, i’ve decided to start a weekly post series, titled “Photo of the Week” (how original, indeed ;). Once a week, i’ll try to post a highlight (or so i hope) from my photo collection — which might be a new picture taken/developed that week, or an oldie that was published before or caught my attention while browsing my local Lightroom library.

For more of my photos, visit my page on flickr (don’t be shy to leave a comment or add me as contact) or my personal photography website at

[![20064 #1.jpg](]( "Photo Sharing")“20064 #1” – see it on [](
This first one is an HDR rendered from 3 exposures, taken on August 1st in Berlin, just outside the Volkspark Friedrichshain. Yes, the number 20064 refers to the shutter clicks, so this is the 20064th picture i’ve taken with my current camera. For what that’s worth.

You can find more HDRs in my HDR Set.