Words of wisdom from Fake Steve:

“Then he starts going on again about the cloud. The cloud, the cloud, the cloud. It’s all you ever hear when you hang out with this guy. I was like, Dude, I’m so sick of hearing about the damn cloud. Instead of talking about it why don’t you idiots go build the friggin thing if it’s so magical and all-powerful and important? He says they’re well on their way, farther than anyone knows, and in ten or twenty years there will be only a handful of service providers and if you’re bummed by the kind of vendor lock-in we used to see from IBM in the old days or that we see from Microsoft today, just wait till you see the lock-in that these global compute utilities will be able to get. Eric says this is going to be the golden age of cornholing. It will make the old Bell System crooks look like amateurs. The guys running the cloud will control everything: phone, data, video, television, movies, music.”