i’m happy to let you know that our updated ROadmap for 2008 is available now.

Rather then adding bits and pieces to the existing ROadmap to extend and update it, we’ve taken the time to look at a brand new approach to providing insight into our plans. Besides new text and a new look, the new ROadmap also marks several important new announcements, including

  • We’ve moved ahead the schedule for Oxygene, the next version of our Chrome compiler, to May. Oxygene is a release we are very excited about, and i’m glad we can make it available even sooner that originally planned.
  • We’re moving away from “major” new version releases for the ‘Vinci’ products (Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK), and will be shipping major new enhancements on a quarterly basis.
  • We’re announcing a brand new project, code-named RO|C, to bring you a native C/C++/Objective-C implementation of both RO and DA. This will open up opportunities for our users to target clients on many new platforms, but the ones i am (naturally) most excited about will be native support for Mac OS X and the newly announced iPhone OS.

Of course there’s a lot more in the ROadmap, including peaks at some of the concrete features coming to you over the course of the year. Make sure to head over to remobjects.com/ROadmap and check it out!

[![ROadmap 2008](http://blogs.remobjects.com/blogs/media/blogs/mh/roadmap-256.png)](http://remobjects.com/ROadmap)