As you might have seen, this week we’ve announced Oxygene, the next major release of the language formerly knows as Chrome.

I’m very excited about this release as we have a lot of great things going on. Like last year when we released ‘Joyride’, i find myself in the position where i’ve been using versions of Oxygene for the better part of the past eight or ten months, so for me it’s been an incremental stream of improvements and new features and minor tweaks — for you out there who are currently using ‘Joyride’, it will be a major step forward.

We have a set of major language extensions there that (imho) rank up there with the introduction of Generics or LINQ, with the big difference being that while Generics and LINQ have come with the framework, and Chrome was merely being a good citizen by implementing them. The parallelism stuff we’re shipping in Oxygene – starting with futures, but there’s a lot more it it than just those – is a different ballpark altogether, and it’s something you don’t get anywhere else — not in C#, nor in any other mainstream language, managed or unmanaged.

You can get a first peek at Futures on our new documentation wiki at

But of course futures and related parallelism features aren’t the only thing, we have more exciting additions to the language that i’ll talk about more as we near release.

The first release of Oxygene, incidentally, will ship on May 30. Make sure your subscriptions are renewed in time! ;)