I’m sometimes wondering if people actually know there’s a world out there that is not about Delphi.

Every time i do a blog post that is not about Delphi (and, come on, i post once a month on average, so how often can that be?), i get the the invariable stream of comments saying “duuude. what haz this 2 do W/ Delphi” or “duuude, why R U posting this on a Delphi forum”.

Newsflash, guys: this is a BLOG. have you heard of them? In blogs, people talk about stuff they care about and people choose to either read em or not. There’s life our there that does not relate to Delphi, so some people – even those who occasionally do work with Delphi – end up caring and thus talking about stuff that is, shocker, not related to Delphi.

I happen to do a lot of things that are not about Delphi (such as our products and research for other tools and platforms) or even about work (such as the occasional “weekly” photo i may most once every two months). If you care, great. If you don’t, great too.

Deal with it. Or stop reading. Who cares. But don’t give me “duuude, this isn’t about Delphi”. No, it’s not. it’s a blog.