It’s been over a month so i was almost beginning to show withdrawal symptoms, but on Saturday, Jim McKeeth, Olaf Monien and i finally got together for a new episode of the Podcast at, which is available now.

With the product being official and out now, this episode fully focuses on Delphi Prism, the new .NET solution that CodeGear and RemObjects have been working on together (in case you have been living uner that rock for the past two months ;). We discuss questions readers of Jim’s blog had submitted, and take a general look of what can be done with Prism. Definitely worth checking out!

Talking about Podcasts, last night Nick Hodges and i also had a chance to record an episode of .NET Rocks with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, which will air on January 6th – we talked about both Delphi/Win32 and Delphi Prism, and while the conversation was a lot more high-level and more aimed at people coming from the .NET community who are not familiar with either Delphi or Prism at all, it still should be an interesting listen for existing users as well.

In both podcasts, we also take a brief look at different areas of research and features that are on the horizon for future Prism versions, both short and longer term.

Thanx for listening,