That’s not only a fact, it’s also the name of a popular podcast for all things .NET, and late last year Nick Hodges and i had the chance to be on and talk to Carl and Richard about Delphi and Delphi Prism. The show, episode #409, is up now and can be found here.

Amongst other things, iirc, we talk about some future features for Prism, support for Mono and Mac OS X and, of course, a lot more.

I’ve also been playing around a bit with creating a combined/filtered feed that will provide easy access to all past and future podcasts featuring RemObjects personell. It’s not fully finalized, but you can find the work in progress here – you can subscribe to this in your RSS reader or in iTunes via the “Advanced|Subscribe to Padcast” menu. right now, this feed contains six episodes of the Podcast @, and the new .NET Rocks episode.