"Your Tax Euros at Work" (Photo of the Week #23)

[![11963](http://www.dwarfland.com/flickrcache/3353617277.jpg)](http://www.dwarfland.com/?latest&image=3353617277)“Your Tax Euros at Work” — see it on [dwarfland.com](http://www.dwarfland.com/?latest&image=3353617277)
Berlin. Shot just now, March 14, 2009. Literally hundreds of cops arrive in what must have been 50 or more six-packs, block the Frankfurter Allee and glance eastward. Nothing happens, and 20 minutes later they drive off again.
marc hoffman

marc hoffman

Chief Architect and CEO here at RemObjects Software. Project Manager for Elements and lead developer of Fire, our awesome new development environment for the Mac.

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