Over the last week, we’d done some restructuring in our secure online shop, to improve the flexibility and also to make many options more affordable.

The most pervasive change has been how renewals for multi-platform customers and platform expansions are handled. In the past, we had separate shop SKUs, and you had to renew each platform separately. This option still exists, of course, but we wanted to make it easier (and more attractive, price wise) to renew all platforms at once. Also, we wanted to make it easier for customers to expand to new platforms, whether it is Delphi customers embracing the .NET versions of the products, .NET customers needing a non-managed solution, or either of them going for our new and upcoming Mac OS X and iPhone edition.

With the number of platforms increasing to now three (Delphi, .NET and OS X), the sheer number of combinations for renewals, cross-grades, platform expansions and the like would have been enormous and not to mention quite confusing, so we decided to forget about all the different places customers might be coming from and to focus on the set of platforms they want to go to, instead: For each of our multi-platform products (RemObjects SDK, Data Abstract, and the Suite Subscription), we created 7 renewal options:

  • 3 for the single platforms: .NET, Delphi, OS X
  • 3 for dual-platforms combinations: .NET + Delphi, .NET + OS X, Delphi + OS X
  • and finally one for all three platforms: .NET + Delphi + OS X

All of these renewal options are now available for you if you own any one of the base products.

To give an example, a customer owning “RemObjects SDK for Delphi” can now choose to renew any combination of platforms – paying the same low ~60% renewal price (plus bundle discount!) across all the platforms. For instance, he could renew to the 3-platform combo (giving him RO/.NET and RO/OSX as brand new products, in addition to renewing his RO/Delphi for another year) at a mere $649 (using the old model, the cross-grade to RO/.NET alone would have been $499).

This new model applies to all platform combinations and to all our cross-platform products and – as always – your My Renewals page (login needed) will show you all your personalized options.

Another thing we did away with is separate upgrade pricing from RemObjects SDK to Data Abstract. Any RemObjects SDK customer who wants to take advantage of Data Abstract can now simply use any of the standard DA renewal options, and upgrade automatically as she renews her subscription. And not only that, the same platform expansion logic as above applies: no matter what platform of RO she owns, she can renew to multiple platforms of DA. To give another example, an RO/.NET customer could get to DA/.NET and DA/OSX for only $1199.

But what if you’re still in the middle of your current subscription, and want to expand to more platforms? Not a problem: when purchasing renewals, all your existing platforms will be renewed for an extra year from their current expiration, but your new platform(s) will start right away. Going back to the first example from above, if your RO/Delphi subscription was valid until, say, September 2009 and you renewed to RO/All now, you’d still get a full extra year of RO/Delphi (i.e. until September 2010), plus new RO/.NET and RO/OSX subscriptions starting at the day of purchase – so you can of course hit the ground running with those, right away.

As a side effect of adjusting all price combinations, we also reduced the price of our flagship SKU, the bundled “Data Abstract for .NET and Delphi” for new users by $200. It’s one of the favorite choices that new customers go for, and we found the new price fits in better with the remainder of the pricing structure and with the other bundling prices we give for the different platform combinations.

So if you’re a new user considering Data Abstract, you can now get started with Data Abstract on both .NET and Delphi at $1799 (including a full year of free updates, of course).

Where to go from here? You can find the purchase options here:

  • remobjects.com/shop#2 – Overview of all renewal options.
  • remobjects.com/shop#1 – The new $1799 Data Abstract bundle pricing for new users.
  • My Renewals page (login needed) – your personal renewal options, based on your current licenses. This page has been largely reworked to give you a much better overview of your choices.
  • sales@remobjects.com – If you have any further questions.