We’re getting close to shipping our first release of Data Abstract for OS X as well as the 1.1 update for RemObjects SDK for OS X at the end of this month, and as part of crossing all the final Is and dotting all the remaining Ts, Carlo and i have been working on leveraging the tools in our new documentation tool chain to integrate the RemObjects Wiki (or, the relevant part of it) as Xcode documentation:

What you are seeing here is our wiki as standard Xcode doc set. You can browse and search it just as you would the standard Apple docs; you can navigate to it by Cmd+Option-Double-clicking identifiers in your code – in other words, you get the full documentation experience.
The version shown here works directly on the live wiki – meaning as soon as changes and updates are made to the pages online, you will see them reflected in the wiki as well. In the long term (not for this release, yet), we’ll also be providing an offline version, that contains a snapshot of the entire wiki, for offline use (i.e, when you’re working on the proverbial plane).

The Docset will also update via RSS feed, so content (in the offline version) and structure changes (such as the addition of new pages to the indexes, etc) will automatically update within Xcode, on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for more info on RO/OSX and DA/OSX, as we near release.