Sebastian, and I am the freshman at RemObjects. So please allow me a few lines to introduce myself.

Image of Sebastian P.R. Gingter

I am a 30 years young software developer from germany (and you don’t know how glad I am to publish this post today and not tomorrow ;-). I got my first computer when I was eight years old and started programming in Basic when I was twelve. At the age of 14 I sold my first commercial application (written in GW-Basic) to a doctor and later in school I learned Delphi (it was version 2 then). After a short hanky-panky with Borland C++ back in the summer of ’96 I returned to Delphi and stayed there for some years until .NET came up. Since then I program desktop apps mostly with Delphi and web applications exclusively with .NET. My secret passion is everything that has to do with SciFi: I love cool series like Star Trek, Sliders, Stargate or Babylon 5 and, if I find some time for gaming, play EVE online.

Some of you (especially when you’re from Germany too) may already know me from my volunteering work as a moderator at the Delphi community Delphi-PRAXiS as well as the Delphi-Tage community events (the german Delphi-days). Maybe you have seen and heard some of my sessions at previous Basta! Spring and EKON conferences or you possibly could have read one of my articles in some magazine.

Before joining RemObjects I worked as a freelancer and helped my customers design and develop professional, reliable Delphi and .NET applications. Besides that I always liked to share my knowledge, so I wrote some articles for magazines and went to conferences to speak about all the cool the technology stuff I learned and worked as a trainer for Delphi and Delphi Prism. Learning new things is cool, and talking about cool new stuff even more so. ;-)

Since I had my first contact with the predecessor of Oxygene respectively Delphi Prism, I was impressed how the guys here at RemObjects are getting those things done so well. Now I can see and live that in our day to day work and I must say I’m even more impressed right now. My business here at RemObjects will be mainly boosting the developer relations and do some evangelism stuff. Actually, that means I want to
a) talk to you
b) even more important listen to you, and
c) care about your possible itches & whishes.

That is, of course, besides d) a little bit coding with our products, playing around, creating samples, showing off some cool new technology and telling you what I love about the work that is done here in the secret labs at RemObjects

If you have any questions, remarks, whishes, itches or just want to say hello – please feel free to email me here at RemObjects dot com, putting sebastiang right in front of the (at).

Yours Sincerly,

Sebastian P.R. Gingter