Hello, my name is Jim McKeeth. You may know me as the host of the Podcast at Delphi.org, or from my appearances at Delphi conferences, both live and virtual.  If you do know me, you know that I love programming and everything associated with it. Software development has always been more than what I did for a living, it was what I was excited about and always wanted to discuss.

I am very excited for my new role with RemObjects Software as Developer Evangelist. Now I will be focused full time on sharing my excitement for software development with developers around the world. I will still continue to produce my podcast, and speak at conferences, but now I will branch out to more conferences, and am looking at expanding my podcast.

Additionally I have responsibilities directly associated with RemObjects Software.

  • Evangelize RemObjects tools
  • Train Developers – Both with our tools, and in general
  • Collect feedback to make RemObjects Software and our tools better

As you can see, this really overlaps with what I was doing before joining RemObjects Software. I was always excited to tell developers about great tools that will make their lives easier – and RemObjects Software has some of the best tools around.

Training developers is something I am very passionate about. In fact I took vacation time last year from my old job to present at conferences, and that wasn’t the first time. I’ll still cover the same sort of topics I’ve always covered, but now I will branch out to cover the fantastic solutions offered by RemObjects Software too.

As I am out talking with developers I will also collect feedback from those developers about what they are looking for, and how we can better meet their needs. That feedback will help us improve our tools in exactly the way that you need them so you can get more done.

This all sounds well and good, but what exactly does that mean specifically? These are a few of the specific activities you will see me involved in (in no particular order):

  • Expanding the RemObjects Wiki – Your best source for documentation
  • Case Studies – How do our tools help you?
  • Blog Posts – About our tools and our team!
  • Training materials – The stuff     you need to be successful quicker.
  • Podcasts – Both general software development podcasts and ones specific to us and our tools.
  • Screen Casts – It is like a podcast, but with pictures too!
  • Conferences – My chance to meet developers and share with them.
  • User Groups – Smaller gatherings, but still sharing and talking with developers

I’ll be covering all the languages and platforms that our tools support. So you will still see me at Delphi conferences and gatherings, as well as .NET (I’ve been doing C# for years, don’t tell anyone!) and Apple Mac and iPhone (I hear good things about Xcode, how about you?)  Of course we also support Linux through Mono and FreePascal, so you may see me at conferences around there too.

In general I will be involved in all sorts of crazy goings on in an effort to connect with developers and share my passion and some of what I know. It is really all about making you developers more successful, and hopefully our tools can be a part of your success.  If you have a crazy idea, let me know. In the mean time, stay tuned to see what happens.

I thought I would also tell you a little bit more about me. I started professional writing software while I was still in High School, and that was after developing as a hobby for about ten years. I live in the great Pacific North West of Washington State in the United States with my wife and four great kids. My backyard borders on a wooded area, and I am just 15 minutes from the Puget Sound beach and half an hour from Seattle.

My wife and I were married at the premier of Star Wars Episode 1 in the lobby of the theater wearing full costume. She was Princess Leia of course, and I was not Luke Skywalker – he is her brother! Didn’t you pay any attention in the movies? I was Han Solo. Darth Vader gave her away and Chewbacca was my best Wookie. Boba Fett was there, even though no one invited him. It was a lot of fun and I have some pictures somewhere.

When I am away from my computer (happens occasionally), I enjoy Geocaching, going to the beach, camping and rafting with my kids. It sounds like I will be doing some fishing this summer too.

My current calendar of events includes:

  • Delphi Live! – August 23 – 26th in San Jose, CA
  • EKON – September 27 – 30th in Darmstadt, Germany
  • 360iDev – November 7 – 10th in Austin, TX

I am also looking to plan some other smaller gatherings near those locations and dates, so want to help organize something let me know.

I look forward to connecting with each of you in all sorts of fun ways!  I sincerely hope we can have a lot of fun and use some of our great tools to make you more successful.

Leave a comment here, or catch me as JimMcKeeth on Twitter or email me through jim@.