Originally, we had planned to finalize and release our “Summer 2010” releases today.  We were almost there, but there were a few minor issues and regressions that had crept up during our last rounds of testing that we wanted to get in but for various reasons (mainly the vacation season, and two important contributors being off this and the next week) could not get in at this time.

For that reason, we have decided to postpone RTM by 2 weeks, in order to get those issues addressed, once everyone is back from vacation and settled in. Our ne wplan is to have the “Summer 2010” release finalized and available to customers and trial users on Friday August 13.

The times before RTM are always a few busy weeks, and i’ve spent a lot of time this past week preparing change logs, writing the “what’s new” page, and i can tell you, we have an exciting release with a lot of very cool new features for you, so it should be well worth the extra wait.

Jim is currently working on a screen casts about some of them that we will hopefully be able to share with you as a teaser, early next week, as part of some bigger changes to our website that we have also been working on alongside the new releases.

You said Half?

That’s right. As you probably know by now, our core products, RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract are available on three platforms now. All the issues we were waiting for were isolated to the editions for Delphi and .NET (which, in general, have a of co-dependencies), but the team felt we were ready to ship the editions for Xcode. I know that many of you have been anxiously waiting for us to ship the official iOS 4 support, and so we decided to RTM Data Abstract for Xcode and RemObjects SDK for Xcode, today.

The products are available for download now, both as full versions for licensed users, as well as as trials at remobjects.com/trials. Next to other tweaks and improvements, the most exciting new feature in this release is completely transparent support for Background Task Completion in iOS 4. If your code uses asynchronous RO or DA calls (and you really should be using asynchronous calls, especially in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch apps), your calls will now complete in the background, when users quit your app – without any changes or code needed from you.

Also, Help.

We also shipped the first version of out new standalone “Offline Help” installer, which integrates a local snapshot of our wiki for F1 help in Delphi and Visual Studio. The wiki has been growing so tremendously, that we felt we had to separate offline help from the regular product installers and bundle it in a separate installer SKU, that (a) users can decide to download as they need (most users, we find, use the live online wiki) and, more importantly, (b) we can update out of band and independent of product releases, as the wiki gets updated.

You can download the installer now at remobjects.com/offlinehelp, or find more information on the IDE integration at http://wiki.remobjects.com/wiki/Wiki_Integration_into_Visual_Studio or http://wiki.remobjects.com/wiki/Wiki_Integration_into_Delphi, respectively. (For Xcode, we still ship the integrated live wiki – which is much cooler – but an offline version can also be obtained at http://wiki.remobjects.com/wiki/Wiki_Integration_into_Xcode).

That’s it, for now. I apologize for the slight delay with the .NET and Delphi products, but i hope you will find it worth the wait (also, if your subscription is up to date, you can always grab the latest beta we just posted today.