"Fog & Sea" HDR


I haven’t done much HDR recently, but i was surprised and delighted by the outcome of this 9-exposure HDR (taken this June in San Francisco’s north-west corner) i processed today. i particularly love the light effects on the large boulder on the right, with the blue sky overhead and the dense fog pulling in from the sea/bay – it looks downright eerie.

This picture will be part of my second iPad photo app i’m currently working on, but i wanted to share it with you guys ahead of time. the 600px version constrained by the blog layout doesn’t really do it full justice,so i really recommend checking out the larger sizes on flickr.

Stay tuned for more!

marc hoffman

marc hoffman

Chief Architect and CEO here at RemObjects Software. Project Manager for Elements and lead developer of Fire, our awesome new development environment for the Mac.

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