Oxygene compilerI originally planned to write all these Thanksgiving week posts ahead of time, and then schedule them, but that didn’t happen. So it is Thanksgiving morning and I am using the Wifi from my remote office in Boise (aka the kitchen table of my sister-in-law’s house) to post this one.  Going to head over to my mother-in-law’s for turkey and trimmings shortly.  Happy Thanksgiving to anyone else in the United States, and Happy Thursday to the rest of you.

RemObjects makes Oxygene, which is heart of Delphi Prism.  Whatever you call it, it is pretty amazing technology.  It supports all the latest .NET features and lets us develop .NET applications in Pascal.  There is a lot to thankful about it, but I will a few things about it.

  1. Parallel Extensions – Baked right into the language with Parallel Loops and Futures.
  2. Aspect Orientated ProgrammingThe Cirrus AOP Framework lets you reprogram the compiler.
  3. Class Contracts – The Class Contract support lets you include pre-conditions and post-conditions on methods.
  4. Windows Presentation Foundation – Microsoft’s new vector based GUI widget system.
  5. Silverlight – A cross platform rich web application framework, similar to Windows Presentation Foundation.
  6. Windows Phone 7 – Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 uses Silverlight for application development,  and did I mention Delphi Prism does Silverlight?
  7. **Mono Support **– Cross platform Linus and Mac OS X application development.
  8. MonoTouch – iPhone application development.
  9. MonoDroid – Android application development.
  10. Works Great with Hydra – Combined with Hydra it is the easiest way to combine .NET and Delphi native features in the same application.  Did I mention we have a combo deal on the two of them?

Just found out that they moved up our Thanksgiving dinner plans, so I need to go before I finished my list.  Hopefully you can help finish the list for me in the comments bellow.  So, what are you thankful for about Oxygene / Delphi Prism?