The new releases are here!  The new releases are here!  The “Winter 2010” releases of all our products are available now!

DA for Delphi now installs into Delphi XE automatically.  No need for manual installs.

DA/Delphi XE Support

If you saw the new project wizard for DA/.NET, and wished it was available in Delphi native, well then you are in luck!  Not only that, but a new option was added to create a  “local” application that combines a Data Abstract client and middle tier in one executable.

DA/Delphi Wizard

This “local” application option has also been back-ported to DA/.NET.  Not to leave well enough alone, DA/.NET also got new base templates including Silverlight clients and Class Library.  The Class Library is a great additions which makes it really easy to add DA to an existing application, for  sharing the DA between multiple assemblies, add DA to another project type that doesn’t have a base template, or if you want to build a project in another language besides Delphi Prism (Oxygene), C# or VB, then you can just reference the DA Class Library.

DA/.NET Template Types

Templates for Data Abstract for Xcode have also been improved and streamlined, including support for the new “Latest iOS” build setting that allows the templates to be more agnostic to new future iOS SDK releases, together with tweaks throughout the templates to make getting started with new projects even easier.

Stay tuned for more information about our other products, or head over and download the trial today!