It’s Tuesday January 25, and we’re only two weeks away from DSConf Las Vegas, the first of our Developer Solutions Conferences that RemObjects Software is putting on in partnership with our friends at Developer Experts.

A lot of things have been falling into place over the past few weeks, and we’re very excited about the event. We have finalized our time table, which i know many of you have been looking forward to seeing, and there’s a lot of exciting sessions there. We’re also very happy to welcome on board as guest speakers Brian Long, who will be joining our own Jim McKeeth on stage to cover Android development with MonoDroid, and David “I” Intersimone from Embarcadero who has agreed to kick off day two of the conference with a keynote on the state of Delphi, present and future.

New Mobile Platforms for Data Abstract

Personally, i’m most excited that we’ll be showing off support for not one, not two, but three new mobile platforms in Data Abstract for .NET: MonoTouch, MonoDroid and Windows Phone 7. All of these are new for our next upcoming “Spring 2011” release, and DSConf attendees will be the first to not only see this in action, but also get their hands on a pre-release of Data Abstract for .NET that supports these frameworks.

While we have long supported native development for iOS with our Data Abstract for Xcode edition (and that prefers my personal favorite for working with iOS, by a long shot), having all three platforms supported by DA/.NET gives a unique opportunity to share non-UI code between the three client platforms, if that is your goal – something we’ll be covering at the conference.

## Meet the Team

Jim McKeeth will be representing RemObjects Software on stage, next to our guest speakers and the Developer Experts, but the entire RemObjects Software executive team will be on site in Las Vegas, including yours truly (Chief Architect), Carlo Kok (Chief Engineer on the Oxygene compiler that is the heart and soul of Delphi Prism) and Mike Orriss (General Project Manager). We’ll be looking forward to meeting and talking to all of you, discussing our products or answering any questions you may have.

And a Sneak Peek at “Cooper”

Also (and i’m not supposed to mention this ;), DSConf will be your chance to get a sneak peek at project “Cooper”, a very exciting technology that we have been working on related to (but not part of) Oxygene. I can’t go into more details yet, but suffice to say you will want to see this.

## Come to DSConf

If you have not registered yet, don’t hesitate and head over to now to reserve your ticket – at only $799 for the whole three-day event. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas in two weeks!