I’ve just got back from Vegas, but my traveling day’s aren’t over, yet.

It’s that time of the decade again, and a few hours from now a friend of mine and i will be flying up to London and subsequently drive up to Leeds, where the illustrious Sisters will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their first concert in 1981.

Ten years ago tomorrow, i went up to York for the event, and it was a trip i’ll never forget. These were different times, and i was younger , so i sprang for a 48-hour train trip that took me from Dortmund via Brussels, the Eurostar tunnel and London’s King’s Cross up to York, where the Sisters had booked the very same venue they had played 20 years prior — a tiny auditorium at Vanbrugh College with only 200 people getting admittance. The event had been announced only a week prior – no time to ship a ticket, so i took the trip hoping my reserved ticket would be waiting for me on site, which luckily it did. The resulting concert was a very intimate event, with only 200 of the most hard-core fans being there (opposed to the usually thousands), and cupcakes being served to those in the first rows by the man himself during the instrumental Snub Nose encore.

This decade’s trip should be a bit more relaxed, as we’re flying in a day prior and leaving a day after (an actual hotel will be involved, not just a very long night at a very cold York train station), but as the People’s Republic of West Yorkshire gets ready for cupcakes once more, i’m excited to be there.

![Sisters](http://blogs.remobjects.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Sisters.png "Sisters.png")
Once back from Leeds, there’s four more concerts i’m looking forward to – i’ll be going to Brussels for the 21st/22nd of February and to Tilburg in the Netherlands on the 23rd (this will be my 40th Sisters gig ever. You may call it insane. i call it committed) before i head back to Berlin, where the final gig for this spring’s tour (for me) will be happening in the Columbia Halle on March 1st.

See you on the other side!

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