We have become increasing concerned about the increase of bounced emails when we send information out to everybody on our database. When these occur, we set the ‘unreachable’ flag on our database. This can happen the first time it occurs (e.g. for ‘no such address’) or after several successive failures (e.g. for ‘mail box full’,which obviously is no longer read).
The last email we sent to everybody was on 25 Jan for the then upcoming DSConf in Las Vegas. Note: we received a significant number of bounces since the previous DSConf mailout on 7 Jan. Actually, many of these were bounced by www.messagelabs.com, which seems to be by Symantec.cloud technical support.
If you didn’t receive that email when you would have expected to, it’s likely because:
– you didn’t notify us of change of address
– it’s stuck in your span filter
– you or your ISP has bounced it for spam or other reasons.
If you want our emails, especially if you are a customer (for renewal reminders, news of upgrades and special offers) and you can’t find any reason why the email didn’t reach you, please email me at mikeo@ and I’ll find out why we set you as unreachable and when.
Alternatively, if you no longer want to receive emails from us, please write to me at the same address asking me to unsubscribe you.