Before the next upcoming release, I would like to highlight several changes concerning our Data Abstract samples suite.

Provided sample domain with the Relativity Server:

With the next release, we will provide Relativity Server with a new sample domain named PCTrade Sample that will contain a single schema called PCTrade. This schema will use the PCTrade for SQLite connection. The default login and password for this domain are Data and Relativity, respectively.

With this sample domain, Relativity Server can now be used as the server part for most of our DA samples in addition to the existing DASampleServer.

For the Xcode samples, you can easily choose the server you want to connect to:

For the .NET & Delphi samples you will need to set the flag value to True in the sample code as shown in the picture below:

Please note that several .NET samples, likeBusiness Processor SampleandRefresh Update Data Sample, do not support working with Relativity since they depend on server logic implementation.

New Login service for the DASample server:

From the beginning, our samples had a virtual login implementation used only for the identification of clients and their platforms. For the next release, we have added a new secure *DataService *and *LoginService *to the DASample server. In order to maintain compatibility, we left the existing DASampleService unsecure. So if you try to build a client using that service, you will not need a login. But we added the new *DataService *on the top of the DASampleService, and made it secure. Thus, if you request that service, you need to login first.