Just in case you missed (or want to watch again) my CodeRage 6 session on Android Development with our soon to be release Oxygene for Java it is available now on YouTube. There are a few other short videos on our Oxygene channel of RemObjects TV, but this one is a great summary that goes into more depth than the others. This one explains the architecture of Android development more, and shows a lot more advanced topics. At the end a simple Twitter client is created.

More information on Android development is in our Oxygene Language Wiki. Just look for the Android Primer.

I’ve used the YouTube annotations to let you jump to just the parts you want to see. Turn on annotations (lower right) if you don’t see them.

CodeRage requires the videos at 1280×1024, which YouTube doesn’t like a whole lot. It prefers the native 720p (1280×720). As a result it has stretched this video horizontally a little. So pardon the aspect ratio being off.