As promised, yesterday we shipped our second monthly update to Embarcadero Prism XE2, a.k.a. Oxygene for .NET 5.

The new release is available for all Oxygene users from the Licensed Downloads Page on our customer portal. It will also be available directly from Embarcadero, soon. As mentioned before, if you bought Prism XE2 from a different reseller, directly from Embarcadero, or received it as part of RAD Studio XE2, you can go ahead and register your serial number with us, two get access to the download, betas, and more.

Build marks the third release of Oxygene 5.0.29, and is the last update before we consolidate the code bases and ship Oxygene for Java, (Code-named “Cooper”), at the end of next month.

Oxygene Betas

In addition to the new “master” release, we also shipped new beta builds of “Cooper” (Oxygene for Java) and “Echoes” (Oxygene for . NET), based on the common code base that we are preparing to ship next month. The Betas for Cooper and Echoes will be synced moving forward, both for the initial release and afterwards, as the two editions of the Oxygene language will advance together, now.

You can find out more about these beta programs on our new RemObjects Connect support forums, in particular at and (login needed). Anyone with a “Cooper” pre-order or a license of Prism XE2 registered with us has access to the betas, and we encourage you to check them out!

ROFX Betas

To round things off, we also shipped new beta builds of our Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK products, for all three platforms; highlights include enhancements to the JavaScript client (shipping next month) and domain import/export in Relativity Server.

Find out more about that at

As with Oxygene again, any customer with an active subscription has access to the ROFX betas.

RemObjects SDK for Java

Finally, we’re also putting the finishing touches on the first beta drop for RemObjects SDK for Java, code-named “White Lodge”,and expect the beta to become available next week. If you talked to us about beta access before, expect to see email form us soon with details; of course you can also always pre-order our Java editions, for example when renewing your existing products – as many have already done. All pre-orders of course include full beta access.

As you can see, the year is far from over, and there’s still lots of good stuff ahead. See you on the beta forums!