It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but we are happy to announce that today we started the beta program for Project “White Lodge”, also known as RemObjects SDK for Java.

If you previously applied for the beta, you should have received an email from us today with instructions.

Otherwise, you can gain access by pre-ordering any of the SKUs containing RO/J from, including “RemObjects SDK for Java”, “Data Abstract for Java” and the “Suite Subscription for Java” (the latter also includes “Cooper”, Oxygene for Java), or any platform combination that includes Java. You can also up-renew your existing product subscriptions, on and include Java freshly.

Doing so will give you immediate beta access and a one-year subscription to the product, putting you among the first people to receive access when we RTM, and a year of free updates.

Beta Discussion

All beta discussions and bug reporting for “White Lodge”, are handled on our new RemObjects Connect customer community. You can reach this site via (login needed). If you already visited the site before, please make sure to log off and back to see “White Lodge” content. Please also remember that “White Lodge” is confidential, and limit all discussion of it to the “White Lodge Beta” section of the RemObjects Connect website.


What’s required to run “White Lodge”? “White Lodge” targets Java and Android developers using both the Java Language and our own Oxygene for Java (“Cooper”), currently in beta as well, but shipping at the end of this month.

For Java Language development, you will need the JDK and your Java IDE of choice; as the beta evolves, we are planning to provide IDE support for Eclipse, other IDEs we might look at later, but your feedback and requests will be appreciated in that regard. For Oxygene Language development, you will also require the JDK, as well as, of course, the latest “Cooper” beta, which includes Visual Studio. “White Lodge” will integrate with Visual Studio for Oxygene use.

We recommend reading the “read me” for the beta program, available on the RemObjects Wiki, for more details, and to refer back to that as the beta progresses.

What About Data Abstract?

If you applied or are holding out for the Data Abstract beta – worry not. DA/J, “Black Lodge”, will be a separate beta program, to start in early 2012. Getting started and set up with RO/J now will be your best first step towards using DA/J when the time comes.

Thanx for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy “White Lodge”.