If you’ve been around in the computer industry a while then you may recall the history of JavaScript. It’s come a long way from from its premier as LiveScript back in 1995. For the longest time it was kind of a poor performing novelty in web browsers. Then it started to get traction as a general purpose scripting language in other tools. With time JavaScript started to make good on the original promise of the web browser & Internet being the new platform.

The JavaScript Engine wars between all the major browsers skyrocketed JavaScript performance. JavaScript frameworks like jQuery make it easy to work with JavaScript between multiple browsers. Microsoft’s announcement about JavaScript being the preferred development language for its new Metro UI in Windows 8 sealed JavaScripts position as a first class programming language.

JavaScript’s huge popularity and ubiquity make it a great new addition to our suite of tools. We support JavaScript in 3 ways:

  1. Our RemObjects Script for .NET is an open sourced embeddable engine for .NET applications that allows developers to let their users introduce JavaScript (aka ECMAScript) scripts that influence the behavior of application.
  2. With the introduction of Business Rule Scripting to Data Abstract we made it easy to update the business rules for middle-tier servers via JavaScript. No more needing to recompile and redeploy a whole custom server just to update the business logic. Plus the ability to share those business rules between the client and server makes the client applications more responsive while reducing server load. A win for everyone! [Video]
  3. Most recently the JavaScript Client Library was introduced for both Data Abstract and RemObjects SDK supporting clients written in JavaScript to run inside web browsers, webOS or the new Windows 8 Metro. [Video]

Where do you see JavaScript showing up in places you never expected?