Dear Readers,

i’m happy to inform you of the immediate availability of our new June 2012 update for Oxygene, and a small June interim release for our ROFX products.

The June 2012 release of Oxygene is our second update to Oxygene 5.1 (or Embarcadero Prism XE2.5) as released in April, and brings with it the usual amount of fixes and improvements, as well as two major new features.

The most prominent addition, and the biggest focus for June is updated support for the new Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate and Windows 8 Release Preview that Microsoft made available just shortly after our last update. Both VS2012 and Windows 8 have matured a lot and changed a lot between beta and RC, so that quite a few changes were necessary.

Metro is an exciting new development platform within the Windows eco-system, especially with the newly announced Surface tablets coming from Microsoft, and we are pleased to be on the forefront, once again, in supporting this cutting-edge set of technologies with Oxygene early-on, and enabling you to create great Metro applications from day one.

The second feature, and the one i am most excited about myself this month, is an enhancement to the editor window that we call the “Project Indicator/Switcher”. I’ve talked about the Project Switcher before in my teaser blog post here, but in a quick summary, the new UI makes it really easy to work with source files shared between different projects in the same solution (for example when working between different platforms), or to simply keep track of what project (or what platform) the current source file belongs to.

You can configure the Project Switcher under Tools|Options|Text Editor|Oxygene, and decide whether you want to see it always (my favorite), never, or just for shared files (the default). Let us know how you like it!

In addition to Oxygene, we also released a June 2012 interim release for some editions of RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract. This interim release is solely focused on bringing the Metro support in the products up to speed with the above-mentioned Release Candidates of Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8, and contains no other changes. As such, it is extremely safe to update to, but it is also safe to skip, if you aren’t doing any Metro work yet.

The Metro-specific changes apply to RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract for both .NET and JavaScript.

As always, you can find the complete lists of changes at, and the new product versions are available both in the licensed downloads section of our customer portal, and as trials


marc hoffman

Chief Architect