i know it’s been a while since we have put out an episode of RemObjects Radio, and we apologize for that.

In the meantime however, there have been some other podcast events that might interest you:

  • Yesterday, i had the honor of being invited to join Scotty and John of iDeveloper TV for Episode 58 of their podcast, aptly entitled “More than Two Tiers”.We ended up spending pretty much the entire hour of the show talking about Data Abstract, Relativity Server and general technical concepts, challenges and ideas related to multi-tier database access from the perspective of Mac and iOS developers.

You can find the episode to download and listen to here, although i really recommend subscribing to the entire podcast series, as John and Scotty just do an awesome job of providing information for Mac and iOS developers week after week (and RemObjects Software is proud to have been supporting the show thru sponsorship from day one).

  • Last month, Jim was on the IMI tech Talk Podcast and talked about Augmented Reality, Google Glass and more. Have a listen, Jim’s segment starts around 12 minutes into the episode and goes on thru the end (note that unfortunately the .mp3 link on that page seems to be wrong; the direct link to the right mp3 is here).

  • Finally, the Podcast @ Delphi.org turned the tables in late May, making regular host Jim McKeeth the interviewee in honor of the 50th episode of Delphi developer’s favorite podcast. While the episode touches on many topics, Jim, Jamie and Stuart spend a good deal of the time discussing RemObjects-related topics, including the Oxygene language and compiler, our cross-platform development philosophy, and a lot more. Go check it out here.