Welcome to Wiki This Week, the blog post where we outline some of the recent updates to our documentation Wiki. We’ve had a number of recent updates involving Delphi related wiki articles, so this post is focused just on those.

  • RemObjects SDK Plugins with Hydra – This is a great combination of our RemObjects SDK and Hydra products to create a pluggable RemObjects SDK server that loads different services at runtime, adjusting RODL resources dynamically.
  • RemObjects SDK Class Factories Sample – This sample demonstrates how to use a Class Factory to generate three types of server: Single call, Singleton, Pooled.
  • Auto Server Sample – This sample gives a practical example of how a client can control the server when they are both running locally. This is useful if you want to provide a simple standalone solution which is easily upgradeable to work over the network (or you might want to provide both options).
  • Async Sample – This sample demonstrates how to call methods on a RemObjects SDK server asynchronously. This means that the main application thread is not blocked while waiting for the method execution results. This may be especially useful in cases where the operation takes a significant amount of time, so you may submit a request and defer receiving the result for later without creating background threads.
  • Arrays Sample – This sample shows how to use Arrays and Structs for representing database tables and a master/detail relationship.
  • Broadcast Chat Sample – This sample demonstrates how to use the Indy-based channels TROBroadcastServer and TROBroadcastChannel to write an UDP broadcasting chat program.

We’re continuing to keep wiki documentation updates a priority and this is just a small portion of recent changes, so check the wiki regularly.