Today I want to tell you about a recent change in the DA SQL Browser.
As you might know, it is a tool that comes with our Data Abstract product and allows you to create SQL statements and query your DataAbstract-powered servers by using a DA SQL feature. You can consider it as an SQL development studio, but instead of a database, a server supports DA SQL.

On start, the DA SQL Browser will prompt you to connect to the server with the following dialog:
You can see that several fields are already filled with default values, which will work with a DA Sample Server.
Unfortunately, the login dialog of the DA SQL Browser is not that easy to use when connecting to Relativity Server (after all, the DA SQL Browser was created much earlier than the Relativity project). You have to provide somewhat cryptic “additional login parameters” like Domain=PCTrade Sample;Schema=PCTrade.

Considering this, a new option was introduced, so you can see a checkbox Relativity Server on the bottom of the form.
When you click it, it gives another drop-down lists to pick a Domain Name and a Schema Name. Note that you can still fill these names manually, but as long as the dialog’s Server URL to the Relativity Server is valid, these lists will have all the domains and schemas you need.

Now, you can connect to the Relativity Server and try some queries and (maybe later) include them in your client application. And I hope the DA SQL Browser will help you with your projects.