Hello everyone, and a Happy New Year of 2016!

We're hitting the ground running this year, and have already, on January 1, shipped brand new alpha/beta builds of our next upcoming major updates.

The latest Elements 8.3 beta build (.1911) is out, adding some pretty cool new stuff, including full-fledged support for custom attributes on the Cocoa platform.

We have also been hard at work on improving the Swift Base Library, which is not in this build yet (for build-technical reasons — it needs the latest compiler to compile, and we haven't updated our build machines between the holidays) but is available on GitHub. Speaking of which, as part of this effort, the team has made countless improvements and bug-fixes to the Swift compiler based on issues we found working on this, many of which are in this beta (and many more to come, including vastly improved support for Swift-style protocol don't-call-them-generics and extensions).

New betas of RO9 and DA9 are out as well, build .1203. RO9 is coming together well and getting close to being finished; we're shooting for an RTM within a month or two.

Elements 8.3 RTM is a little bit further away (we're thinking probably around March/April), but also something to look forward to. And we have great things planned for the remainder of 2016 that we think you'll love – both for RemObjects/DA 9.1 as well as Elements 8.4, and beyond. Stay tuned!