We've just pushed out a small interim update to our Elements 8.2.89 release from November; in fact, the second of two.

This update fixes an issue that crept up with the recently released Xcode 7.2, where the location of certain base libraries for the Cocoa SDKs had changed, causing builds to fail after updating to Xcode 7.2. Build .1909 can now locate these libraries in both the old and the new locations (and has been future-proofed, should these files move again, say with Xcode 7.3).

Build .1909 also includes pre-build .fx files for the latest new Cocoa SDKs Apple shipped in Xcode 7.2, including iOS 9.2, tvOS 9.1 and watchOS 2.1.

About three weeks ago, we shipped a previous interim update, .1899, that fixed some issues introduced by Visual Studio 2015 Update 1.

The new builds are available for download now.

Aside from the above-mentioned fixes, there are no changes in these updates over the original 8.2.89 release. Other fixes and new features are happening and available in the 8.3 alpha, of course.