We're not slowing down, so hot on the heels of our very well-received Elements 8.2 update last week we have just shipped the first alpha build of Elements 8.3 our next major release – slated for the first half of 2016.

Of course it's still early days for 8.3, but there's already some cool stuff in the first alpha, alongside a good number of fixes. The most exciting feature to look out for is support for await (or __await, in Swift) no longer being limited to .NET but now working on Cocoa and Java as well (provided with a compatible API, which will be coming to Sugar soon).

await allows you to unwrap asynchronous code to look linear, so instead of passing around anonymous methods (a.k.a. closures) to handle results, you can just write your code as if it was synchronous. It's a great feature on .NET, and many of you have been asking us too bring it to Java and Cocoa as well – so here you go!

Not many changes to Fire in this build, as i'm in the middle of a cross-continental move right now, so i've bene a bit distract the past couple weeks (and i'm still doing the bulk of the work on Fire myself). But I started getting back into coding on it yesterday, so expect the Fire change logs to start growing again, as well.

Hope you enjoy this first beta drop. As always, let us know what you think on the beta forum.

Happy coding!