Hi, thanx for reading!

As 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank all of you, our users, for your continued support and patronage.

2016 has been a tumultuous year in many respects, but in the RemObjects ecosphere it has mostly been a great year. We shipped quite a few products and updates that we are really proud of, including the new Data Abstract 9 and 9.1, and Elements 8.3 and 9.

We introduced Code-First Servers in Remoting SDK as a brand-new and much streamlined way to think about creating remote services in Delphi, C#, Oxygene and Swift. We've shipped Fire, our amazing new IDE for software development on the Mac, and feedback on that has been just tremendous — which makes me very happy personally, because Fire represents the last three or four years of my working life, and I'm immensely proud it is being received so well. With Elements 9, just last month, we also introduced Island, our next big platform, allowing you to "finally" write native Windows and Linux apps in Oxygene, C# and Swift.

Across our product line, adoption and uptake from users, old and new, has been great this year — which of course makes us very happy and, more importantly, puts RemObjects in a solid position moving into the new year and ensures the continued financing and development of the products.

And we have great things planned and in the works for 2017 — some of which we already talked about, and some of which are still secret. We have Iodine shipping with Elements 9.1 early in the year, adding support for the Java language across all platforms. We have Raspberry Pi and Android NDK coming to Island. We have Water coming up, which I can't say more on yet but am very excited about! We have Hydra 5, which will be the biggest and most significant update to Hydra since we added .NET support back in version 3. We have "Unified RO/DA". We have the new cross-platform Elements run time library ("RTL2"). We have EBuild, and we have "NewCC" and Gotham. I could keep going.

2016 has been the best, most productive and most successful year we have had here at RemObjects, and I think 2017 will even top that. And that is all thanks to you and your continued support.

Thank you, and a happy new year!