Today, I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of Hydra 5, the next major version of our beloved library for mixing and matching development platforms.

For two versions now, Hydra has been the go-to solution for developers looking to mix Delphi and .NET code in the same application (among other scenarios). With Hydra 5, we are adding a third exciting platform to the mix: native Windows plugins created in Elements 9's new Island platform.

This new plugin type, which can be used to create both visual and non-visual plugins, opens up a whole range of new possibilities for Hydra developers:

  • Pure-Elements developers can now leverage the power of Island to write certain algorithms in CPU-ntive x64 or i386 code and integrate it seamlessly with their .NET apps.

  • Pure-Delphi developers can now leverage Elements' and Oxygene's enhanced language features for writing new native code without having to rely on .NET.

  • C# developers can now leverage their favorite language to write CPU-native code in RemObjects C# and have it embedded in their .NET app (be it with Visual C# or RemObjects C# being used on the .NET side).

... and many more.

Of course, Hydra 5 supports all platform combinations with the new Island plugin type:

  • Island plugins can be used from WinForms, VCL and FireMonkey host apps
  • Island plugins can co-exist and interact with VCL, FireMonkey, WinForms, WPF and Silverlight plugins, within the same host app
  • Island plugins can be visual or non-visual
  • Island plugins can be written in any Elements language: Oxygene, C#, Swift and even our new (preview) Java Language frontend ("Iodine").

Other Improvements in Hydra 5

Hydra 5 also contains a whole bunch of other improvements and enhancements.

Delphi developers juggling multiple versions will be happy to hear that with Hydra 5, you can now seamlessly mix Delphi based plugins (VCL, FireMonkey and non-visual) created with different Delphi versions, in the same host app. Hesitant to port that complex code from Delphi 7, but still want to use a newer Delphi version for other parts of your app? Not a problem!

Hydra 5 also introduces support for the new Delphi 10.2 "Tokyo", as well as for Visual Studio 2017, and adds official support (by means of project templates) for using our Swift compiler ("Silver") on the .NET (and Island) side.

And we have more cool things planned for the upcoming 5.x updates over the next year or two.

Get it now.

As always, Hydra 5 is a free update for all customers with an active subscription, and is also available as a free trial. If your subscription has lapsed – now is a great time to renew!

Island support in Hydra 5 requires Elements 9.1.

Data Abstract and Remoting SDK 9.2

Also available today are interim updates to Remoting SDK and Data Abstract for all five platforms. The version 9.2 update focuses on fixes and smaller enhancements across all parts of the product, with a more substantial feature-focused update planned for the second half of the year.


marc hoffman
Chief Architect