Hey everyone.

I'm happy to announce that last week we shipped Remoting SDK 9.3 and Data Abstract 9.3, a major update to the frameworks.

Probably the most exciting and significant change is the introduction of the new HttpAPI that my colleague Anton already talked about in this blog post. With just a few extra lines of code, you can now expose your Remoting SDK services in a REST-like fashion, making it easier than ever to make them accessible to non-RO clients.

That's incredibly helpful not only for targeting client platforms not covered by Remoting SDK, but also for making your services available to other developers that simply might not have Remoting SDK, themselves.

Of course, HttpAPI is not the only thing new, the Change Logs are chock-full of great enhancements across all platforms and tools, and of course also a good set of fixes, as well.

Get it now!

As always, version 9.3 is a free update to all users with an active subscription, and is available for download now, also as a free 30-day trial.

If your subscription lapsed, now is a great time to renew, and if you're new to Data Abstract or the SDK, grab the trial, or buy your copy, today.

Read more about Remoting SDK or Data Abstract.