I'm super excited to let you know that as of last week, we have declared a first Elements 10 build as "Stable". This means it's ready for production use and – more importantly – it's now available as public download for anyone who does not have a paid active subscription to Elements.

If you're looking to evaluate Oxygene, RemObjects C# or Iodine/Java, or are using our free Swift compiler, you can now do so with the latest and greatest, benefiting from the many new features we've added since we shipped version 9.3 last November.

Most excitingly, I am sure, this means you can now use our new WebAssmebly target to write Swift, C#, Java or Oxygene code that runs in he browser, alongside JavaScript.

You also get any of the cool enhancements I outlined in my blog post last week (such as Default Interface Implementations, Class Contracts in Swift C# and Java or our new Performance Profiler) or the new #ifdef infrastructure we wrote about in December.

And more Frequent Updates

And with the hurdle of the first stable build now behind us, we expect to update the Stable channel much more frequently, probably every couple of weeks or so. So expect more cool things, soon.

Get it Now!

Elements 10,0.0.2249 is available for download now at [http://elementscompiler.com/elements/download], for Windows (including Visual Studio) and for the Mac (including Fire).