We've finally gotten around to implementing a long-requested feature for our website, and that is access to the status and progress of bugs that were logged into our system on your behalf.

In case you're unfamiliar with how we process this, we usually handle external (i.e. from users such as yourself) bug reports on our support and community forum talk.remobjects.com (or via email to support@, which indirectly also goes into private threads on Talk).

When a reported problem or support request turns into a bug, we log it into our internal system, and an automatic reply gets posted on Talk, with the bug ID. As the status of the bug changes (e.g. it gets closed or re-opened), additional update messages are posted.

Up until today, looking out for these replies, or skimming change logs for new builds, was the only way for external users (i.e. you) to track the status of a bug.

As of today, this has changed. The bug replies on Talk have not changed, but you might notice that the Bug ID is now a link to a page on remobjects.com where you can see the status of the bug. You can also aways go directly to remobjects.com/bugs (login needed) and search for any bug you may have the ID of.

Some Limitations

Of course, our internal bug database contains many proprietary details, including issues logged for new features we are not ready to share yet, implementation details for a bug or feature in progress, and more. So there's some restrictions.

For one, you will (for now) only be able to see issues that have been logged publicly from Talk. Searching for an ID that happens to be an internally logged bug will give no result. You will also be able to see the title, current status and priority, and owner of the bug, the change history, as well as what and if any commits have been made towards the bug – but you will not be able to see the detailed description (you can link back to the original Talk thread, for context) or any comments since these might contain proprietary details – or swearwords, if your testcase consisted of 200MB of source code. Yes, we get those ;)

This new bug database access is another in a chain of non-product improvements we're working on, in order you make your use of our products more streamlined and enjoyable. Let us know what you think!